All presenters prefer this stone, Turkish diaspore

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Bianca santos wears Earrings Turkish Diaspore

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Mishael Morgan wears Turkish diaspore too

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All celebrities love this stone

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Kesha Wears Daniel Gibbings Turkish diaspore bracelet On ‘Rising Star’

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Our products video

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Every Woman

Every woman should own a Turkish diaspore because its attractive colors suit many complexions, fashions, personalities and styles. Once they wear Turkish diaspore, women fall for it because of Turkish diaspore’s sheer beauty and innate flexibility. From day wear to evening wear, Turkish diaspore’s earthy hues never make you feel overdressed when casual, but its […]

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Romancing the Stone

The ‘Sultan of Gems’, Turkish diaspore, includes a great story. “Oh, East is East, and Western is West, rather than the twain shall meet.” Rudyard Kipling’s famous lament about the gulf of understanding separating the British from other colonial subjects on the Indian subcontinent has little resonance in Turkey, where eastern and western cultures have […]

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A Truly “Green” Gem

Turkish diaspore believes that mining should never be at the expense of communities, workers or the environment. Ethically mined with environmentally safe techniques, Turkish diaspore® has a positive impact on the lives of its miners and the surrounding community. -All mining should be sustainable; protect water sources from chemicals, debris, rubbish, silt and biological pollutants; […]

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What is the Turkish Diaspore?

A Rare and Beautiful Gem. It was first described in 1801 for an occurrence in Mramorsk Zavod, Sverdlovskaya Oblast, Middle Urals, Russia. The name, which was coined by René Just Haüy, is from the Greek for διασπείρειυ, to scatter, in allusion to its decrepitation on heating. Csarite, ottomanite, and Turkish Diaspore are trade names for […]

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